Dear Sharon and Pam: We wanted to take the time to write a review to say a very “BIG” thank you!  Your a dynamic team that really lives up to your motto. It’s more than real estate, it’s your life!”  We had tried to sell our home the year before with another very prominent real estate agent in our area with no success.  Upon meeting the Zareski Team, we knew we would sell our home immediately! You treated us as if you were selling a home for family.

Like any big change in ones life, it comes with many concerns and questions. Your team was always immediately available to our family… you consistently provided knowledgeable and professional support. When it comes to contract negotiations, we had by far,  a top notch response team, ensuring the best outcome for our family. We have sold homes in the past but, we have never had such an easy and responsive process as this one. You can be assured we are spreading the news of your talents to all.  

You are “The Best”!  We are forever grateful to you and will keep in touch,

Errol, Anne, Lauren and Ashlyn Newport

Sharon & Pam: You’re amazing! So grateful for your efforts, particularly your negotiating skills. I’ll refer you every chance I get.

Pamela Malam

Sharon and Pam walk on water, in my opinion!

George Snyder

 Sharon and her team are without a doubt the most caring, knowledgeable and hardest working Realtors we have ever encountered. When we first met Sharon we were certain that we would be short-selling our condo, as we had no idea how to show the selling points of our property to the market in a way that got us maximum exposure. Sharon changed that quickly, and within HOURS of seeing our property she had a plan for showing it that went beyond our expectations or anything we could have planned on our own. Despite a local market inundated with similar properties, Sharon sold our condo at a price that avoided short sale. I can’t properly explain in writing how much effort and expertise Sharon puts into the process of selling a home, you have to experience it for yourself. She was literally available whenever we needed her, was ready with an answer for every complexity involved in the sales process, and was at the property regularly making adjustments to the staging of furniture, the lighting, and anything else that would accentuate the finer points of our property to prospective buyers. Sharon was ready to show the property at a moment’s notice, which was of great importance for showing a condominium with an interior entrance in a secure community. When we both had to travel for work, Sharon kept the sales process moving without us, and I came to trust her enough to leave her with a power of attorney to complete the sale. Sharon and her team are the absolute best investment we have ever made in the purchase or sale of a home, and we will be her clients and friends for life!

Matthew Cowan

My mother and I want to thank you for all you’ve done to assist us in our recent transitional moves this past year. Your team stepped up to the plate that accelerated the sale of my mother’s condo in Fairfax and made sure all the T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted when we went to settlement on both the condo sold and the new home bought.
In addition, you persevered in the selling of my townhouse in Warrenton. When it looked like a sale was iffy, you negotiated with the buyer’s agent and secured a contract that satisfied both the buyer and myself. Special kudos to Pam for spotting a last second oversight that saved me hundreds of dollars at settlement.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Fondest regards,

Michelle and Dolores Baker

I have to say that  hands down, you are the best realtors I have ever worked with in my life.  You’re extremely knowledgeable, helpful and responsive and you know the market like the back of  your hand! Let me tell everyone that  “Sharon and Pam goe above and beyond to take care of there clients. I should know, I’m one of them . I had my place listed for 5 days and that’s all it took .  Sharon and Pam are honest, trustworthy and a real go-getters. Their ability to turn lemons into lemonade is what makes them different from all the rest . No matter how difficult the situation, they handles it with  grace and a smile . It’s easy to see why they are well respected in the community!” Thanks again for all your help, you made my life so much easier .

Your Client for life,

Jana  Martin

Thank you so much for assisting me with the short-sale of my house; I could not have done it without you!!  I was ready to give up on more than one occasion, but you pulled me through . Your professionalism, upbeat attitude, and dedication are all top-notch . I would highly recommend you to anyone selling – – or buying  – – a house, and particularly those pesky short-sales .  If anyone asks you for a recommendation , please feel free to have them call me .


I just wanted to say thanks again for everything you did to help me close the deal in Clifton. They say some realtors can sell ice to Eskimos – you can get them to buy an iceberg!  You really had great advice in the negotiations phase, and I am very happy with the final deal. I also appreciated all of the advice as to when I will  sell the property  in the future as to what sells, what are the issues, etc. But don’t worry, I am not planning on selling soon – although mark my words – I will  make $100ks, not $10ks, when I do resell it.  I got the best  property in Clifton at an unbelievable price .

Thanks again,

Dave Wise

I went through a tremendously challenging short sale with Bank of America that lasted nine months.  The process was complicated and frustrating.  There was paperwork up to my nose, miscommunication, and a very stubborn bank – yet Sharon masterfully kept everything in perspective and navigated the best outcome for me.

Sharon handled the ambiguity/stress/frustration with grace and optimism.  She was quick to find a buyer and negotiated the best price for sale.   With Sharon’s veteran experience, we worked past the multiple hoops the bank put in front of us and sold the property in December 2013.

To my knowledge, Sharon still holds a perfect record on short sales.  My account was the one with the highest risk to falter yet Sharon was able to get the property sold.

I’m truly grateful to the Zareski Team.

V. Lam

The Zareski Team is superb.  The entire team worked diligently in getting my family into an amazing new home.  They provided the necessary guidance which was both easy to understand and their responsiveness was far better than I have ever seen in this industry as well as others.  I would not hesitate in recommending the Zareski Team to other people intending on purchasing a new home.

N. Ho

Sharon is a warm and friendly realtor who is very knowledgeable and patient.  She helped my family find a beautiful home after taking us through numerous homes – she was great throughout the process!  Sharon has extensive knowledge of the local area in Northern VA and was always very honest with us during our search.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my closest family and friends.


The question is simple, would you repeatedly utilize the services of any vendor you were dissatisfied with?  I wouldn’t! And that is why I am happy to provide a recommendation for Your Zareski Team.  I last utilized their services in January 2012 to purchase my current home.  I first utilized their services about ten years ago.  At that time, we were selling our townhouse and purchasing our first single family house “in the burbs”.  Though Sharon was a referral to me, we were new to each other at that time.  I found Sharon knowledgeable and she provided very valuable input, but equally, she was responsive to my input and helped to educate me on the home buying and selling process.  A decade later, we stumbled upon the home of our dreams!  We weren’t really looking, we hadn’t prepared our then current home for sale, we hadn’t research financing, we hadn’t done anything – and there was the home of our dreams!  They made it happen for us and everything worked out perfectly.  As a sign of my appreciation for their heartfelt efforts I am glad to be able to write this review for Your Zareski Team.


I’ve known Sharon for over 20 years and have used her as my real estate agent for every real estate purchase during that period of time.  Sharon goes above and beyond in her representation of you in your real estate dealings, from searching for the right home, negotiating the contract, helping you sell your old home and helping you close on your new home.  Sharon also serves a pretty mean bagel – which doesn’t hurt.

Dave Wise

When we first moved to the area, I was referred to Sharon.  She showed us several properties and asked excellent questions to get a sense of what we wanted and could afford (she was well aware of the “sticker shock” awaiting folks like us who moved from a more rural area to the big city of DC.    One day I called Sharon and described a Metro Station ad for a new subdivision being developed near a regional rail station that would make it easy for my commute.  Sharon not only checked out the subdivision, she drove to the construction trailer, found the property manager, checked out the available lots, negotiated for the two sales she thought would best suit our needs – all this was done even before calling me back about the ad!  Sharon simply explained that based on what she had learned about us, she felt this new site was perfect (she set up an appointment for us to meet with the Developer of the community so we could see everything for ourselves).  Additionally, Sharon researched the many builders in the community and identified the builders and properties she felt would work best for us!   Sharon helped us review the possible housing plans available (we’ve never had a custom house built for us before).  She offered advice on quality details and possible alterations, and then negotiated directly with the builder for our desired options and changes.  For newbies in the area and in this process, Sharon was simply incredible – she stayed with us all the way through construction and moving in (and continues to regularly stay in touch with us twelve years after our purchase).  We will definitely utilize her services again when the time comes for our next move.

General S. and L. Nichols

When it comes to Your Zareski Team, there aren't enough stars on the scale to express my level of satisfaction for the service, support and expertise they have provided to me over the years. I have bought and sold 3 properties, and I'm now on my 4th. Each transaction is handled with the utmost care and professionalism to make the process go smoothly without all of the hassle. Sharon and Pam are incredibly responsive to my needs, and take the time to really understand me as a person in order to match me with the right property. They combine their deep knowledge of the Northern VA marketplace with their savvy negotiating skills to ensure that I'm getting the best property, in the right neighborhood, at the right price. Above all, Sharon and Pam treat their clients like they are family. As a result, they are a team that I can truly trust to always have my best interest in mind.

W. Jarred

Your Zareski Team are wonderful! Sharon and Pam answered all our questions and even ones we didn't ask. They are very knowledgeable of the areas we were looking to buy and all the surrounding neighborhoods. They recommended other districts that were close for shopping and cute little restaurants. We are ecstatic with our "first" house and can't wait to get settled in. Thank you Sharon and Pam!

Colonel C. Becker and B. Becker

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